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Imperium Snowboard

From 2009 on, Imperivm got the support of United Brands, a company specialized in winter sports. Together wider distribution became possible and the brand is now available for shredders in Canada, Australia and Russia as well. And that's the brands most important purpose: we at Imperivm Snowboards want to see as many of you as possible on a snowboard, be it on the top of a narrow couloir, counting the stairs of a handrail, or high-fiving your buddy after that very first FS360 over the local park-booter. We want to enable everyone to enjoy his or her passion for snowboarding to the fullest, regardless of which style or motivation they have. We want to be there and grow with you.

MPERIVM was born in Les Arcs, France, in 2004. It was created by snowboarders and for snowboarders. The godfather of the brand is the Belgian former pro-snowboarder Demir Julia. His goal was to create a strong and rider-driven snowboard brand with Belgian roots and an European touch. The biggest dream and objective was to make a rider-driven European brand. To make this dream come true, the brand needed a strong name. The Latin name "Imperivm" was chosen. Literally Imperivm means "to rule". It refers to the feeling a rider gets, when standing on the top of a mountain, park-kicker or streetrail. Wherever he takes his board.
Starting off small they grew stronger over the years, supported by their team of riders which shared the same values. Strong characters translated in impactful designs, a no-nonsense mix of street and tattoo designs and pure snowboarding, available for riders throughout Europe.

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